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Summer has been... well it's not be fun, exactly. It's more like :shithappens: But it's getting better. You see, at the beginning of summer, my best friends in the entire world <lj user=closeincline> moved across the country. It reall sucks because this summer is the one before college. It supposed to be all kinds of epic. But never mind my woe is me moment. Next week we're all meeting up for an exciting weekend of romping around in a big city and fun times! WHAT COULD BE BETTER? probably nothing.

And if anyone cares about my art work, I've been taken more pictures. My camera, I swear, does not leave my side. I take it everywhere. The pictures I take aren't alway DA quality, but still. I love it. I haven't been doing much drawing or painting recently, but i've ben itching too. it's not like I need inspiration, because theres plenty of that on here. It's more like motivation. I'll find some enventually.

Yeah... eventually.

Heres to hoping.

Movies= life!

Iron Man
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

3 amazing movies in three weekends.

Iron Man- amazing, funny and fricken hot main actor
Caspian- a great second part to the first. i'm glad they added in parts because the book was some what boring. they added just enough action to keep my attention. plus, Ben Barnes would never make me bored
Indiana Jone-  2 names: Harrison Ford and Shia Labeouf!!!!! one is a pretty good looking 60 something year old, the other... well he's just my perfect man...a little skinny, a little dirty and A LOT funny. what could be better... maybe some red hair and a tattoo?

i would suggest to everyone to see these three, if you like the action/magic/thriller type of movie. i do, so they are perfect

just thought you should know

ps. Shia Labeouf... sweet sauce all over his body!!! (thanks Rory)


Thats Right!

Which of these Bleach Guys do you relate to at the deepest level (girls)
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Aizen Souske


May. 10th, 2008


i thought i should tell all of you, because im pretty damn excited!

this is a bit late

the last post i made was that my toe might be broken, but a lot has happened since then... so maybe not a lot, but it's better than nothing.
i'm taking a lesson from Rory and making a list.

- my toe is no longer purple. it hurts, but i can get over that very quickly.

- i bought to new pairs of CHUCKS! yay! i had the fake kind before this, so these are going to last a lot longer. i've already scuffed them up quite a bit because when they're brand new, the shine like light bulbs on a Christmas tree. i didnt actually buy them, i was lying. my
dad bought them for me because we're going to Florida over April vaca and i need new shoes to walk in. and these do just the trick.

- i got to meet Mandy! she's so nice and funny. i didnt think she was going to like me, but i hope she did. i could barely talk when i went over because i was sick. when i did talk, it was more like a squeak.

-did i already mention my amazing Renji t-shirt? i believe i did, but i need to rub it in. Renji is mine!! *growls a bit*

- my road test is May 3rd! yay i will finally have my license! maybe ill get a card! whoop! then, maybe ill be able to drive to Conneticon.

-i slept over Liv's on friday night and we had fun as usual. but the numero uno fun part was when her parents got home, and her dad had two large boxes and threw one on top of the fire. now a large cardboard box thrown on top of a hot fire usually doesnt equal anything too good. so Liv's mom looks in the living room and sees the entire fireplace lite and flames liking the outer sides of the fire place. Liv, like the chicken she is, runs over and starts hugging my arm because she's scared... now i'm 100% a pyromaniac and i was about to throw the other box on top of the other one and stand back and watch. i dont think they would have liked that much. after that, we were all in a better mood and really warm.

- the next day of the sleep over had amazing weather. we went outside and ran around. i now know why skunk cabbage is so called. note to anyone who comes across skunked cabbage: DO NOT STEP ON!

-i spent most of sunday lying around being a lazy fuck. hey, thats my middle name. Carolyn came over and we played football for a while, then we got chilly, and helped my dad move the tv around a bit.

-its raining. have i mentioned my love of the rain? well i will now. the typical thing to say is that rain makes you sad/tired, but for me its the complete opposite. i love it.

-my dad dyed my hair lighter. its no longer boring. its weird because my sister's hair was the same color when she was my age. i also have bangs now.

-my school recently did Grease as a musical and Rory, Liv, Me, Molly and Sophie all went to see it on friday. it was pretty good, nothing close to the movie, but what are you going to do? we went and got ice cream afterwards... i love going somewhere at 10 oclock and eating ice cream with your friends. amazing.

-nothing else has happened except I"M GOING TO FLORIDA in 6 days! whoop!

i think that's about all i have to report to you. if i think of anything, ill be editing this post.

love you all,

PS. User Picture- Ed= me, snickering in the background while the fire is burning ;)

Happy Easter!

Happy easter to all who celebrate it! to all that don't, have a great sunday!

this weekend has been amazing!

we had friday off from school and Molly and me hung out all day. we watched (or tried to) Howl's Moving Castle. we also folded lots of Origami.  you might think this was a boring start to our weekend but it wasnt. 

Molly had to leave on friday night...dont ask about what happened at her house...but Saturday we hung out again. we died easte eggs. that was the first time i had done that in over 6 years! it was so much fun! we drew on the eggs with those wax pencil things to make desings. i drew the ambu desing (just for you liv). we also did this photo scanveger hunt at the library. we had a list of lyrics and we had to take a picture that somewhat went along with the song. we did a couple great ones. my favorite was this one about our favorite places. there is this polished black globe in the center of out town. it has all the countries kinda carved into them. we took a picture with our reflections in the Japan carved out piece. its kinda hard to explain but it looks so amazing.
we came back to my house after that and i made Molly watch Mrs. Doubtfire because she's never seen it before! how crazy is that. i'm going to make her wtach Pretty Woman too, because its another movie she's never seen!
i have to go eat breakfast and all that Easter stuff!



for all you Edward- Bella fans out there go pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly! there is a pic of the actor who is going to be playing Edward squeezing the actor who is going to be playing Jame's throat!  it says something like these two guys are fighting over the same girl! AHHHH!



Fallin, Yes I Am Fallin

If you were wondering about the title, i just watched Across the Universe and it was great! i loved it so very much!

oh yea, Happy Chinese New Year! To all you year of the Rats, good luck this year!


see ya

so these next two days i wont be able to post or comment on anyones journal because  im going to be taking everything out of my room and cleaning like a mad woman. my computer and my tv will be unhooked so NO KEEPING UP WITH SOCIETY! *sheds a few tears*

if you want me call, otherwise see you sometime in the future


First ever post!

Hello LJ people!
Today is my first ever post thanks to RORY! i wouldnt have had the pacients to make my own LJ, so thanks Ror!
Right now im stting at my computer (duh how else would i be writing this) and i'm listening to music and getting excited about all the new books that are stacked on my bed!!! but today wasnt a great day because i was sick and had to stay home in bed all day. how boring is that!!! it was my last day of the semester too and i missed it (damn colds). i missed all my friends, esp. LIV and MOLLY!
this week for me has been crazy...4 finals, two of which are crazy to study for= Spanish 4 and US History 2! but i got through it with just a minor cold.. haha.
i'm going to go read some Death Note, Fruits Basket and a new one, Ouran High School Host Club... should be a jolly good time
peace out, girl scouts!